Sculpture Garden

Sculpture Garden


Comprised of some 47 works and the only sculpture garden in the Bronx, the collection features works in a range of materials from metals to natural elements and in an assortment of styles from figurative to abstract. Outdoor sculpture has been central to the Art Collection since the late 1960s and is displayed against the natural panorama of the Hudson River and Palisades.

1. Yehiel Shemi, Untitled, 1980, painted steel. Gift of Richard and Barbara Lane.

2. Zigi Ben-Haim, Out of the Window, 1997, acrylic urethane on aluminum. On loan from the artist.

3. Zigi Ben-Haim, Spike Hole, 1989, steel, oil paint and copper tubing. On loan from the artist.

4. Herbert Ferber, Three Poles III, 1970–75, steel. Gift of Elma and Milton Gilbert.

5. Peter Reginato, The Woman in Green, 1985, painted steel. Gift of Susan and Steven M. Jacobson.

6. Marsha Pels, Lupa, 1998, cast patinated bronze on honed concrete columns. Gift of the artist in memory of her mother, Ruth Pels (1917–2005).

7. Stuart Edelson, Processional Object, n.d., bronze. Gift of Marjorie M. Bolkin and the estate of Stuart Edelson.

8. Siona Shimshi, Wall Relief, originally designed for the El Al Orange Terminal at JFK Airport, 1970–74, clay and industrial paints. Ceramic reliefs displayed in each of five bays.

9. Zigi Ben-Haim, OK Tail, 1996, concrete, copper and stainless steel mesh. On loan from the artist.

10. Reuben Nakian, Satyricon II, 1982, bronze. Gift of Alvin and Carole Schragis.

11. Joel Perlman, River Spirit, 2005, aluminum. Commissioned for the Jacob Reingold Pavilion.

12. Zigi Ben-Haim, Red Brick Road, 1998, aluminum, concrete, brick and oil paint. On loan from the artist.

13. Herbert Ferber, Notch View, 1978, steel. Gift of Susan and Steven M. Jacobson.

14. Zigi Ben-Haim, Graceful Bow, 1999, concrete and acrylic urethane on aluminum. On loan from the artist.

15. Zigi Ben-Haim, Bubble Rush, 1984, steel, galvanized steel mesh, oxidized copper and concrete. On loan from the artist.

16. Michael Poast, Windy Voyage, 2006, painted steel. Gift of the artist.

17. Leonard Ursachi, Hiding Place, 2007, willow branches. Gift of the artist.

18. Larry Mohr, Industrial Landscape, n.d, aluminum. Gift of the artist.

19. Yehiel Shemi, Untitled, n.d., steel. Gift of Jacob and Madalyn Lehman.

20. Leonard Ursachi, What a Wonderful World, 2018, Styrofoam, Styrocrete, pigments, non-toxic tar paint and gold leaf. On loan from the artist.

21. Joel Perlman, Double X, 1986, steel. On loan from the artist.

22. Joel Perlman, High Circle, 1997, steel. Purchase.

23. Zigi Ben-Haim, Beyond the Halting Step of Deeds, 1987, concrete, copper, steel and pigments. Gift of Ofer and Aya Azrielant in memory of Yehiel Inberg.

24. 9/11 Memorial, 2016, steel beam from the World Trade Center.

25. Ernest Shaw, Jericho XVII, 1979, burnished steel. Gift of Philip and Muriel Berman.

26. David Stromeyer, The Slow Dance, 1986, steel. Gift of Sy Milgrim.

27. Menashe Kadishman, Sacrifice of Isaac, 1985, corten steel. Gift of Fred Stein.

28. Kosso Eloul, Encounter, 1964, steel. Gift of Adele Siegel.

29. Kosso Eloul, Position, 1964, steel. Gift of Adele Siegel.

30. Joe Chierchio, Sightings, 1998, limestone. Gift of the artist.

31. Milo Lazarevic, Untitled, 1974, marble. Gift of Elma and Milton Gilbert.

32. Milton Hebald, Circus Maximus, 1950, bronze. Gift of the artist.

33. James Wolfe, Bow, 1973, steel. Gift of Susan and Steven M. Jacobson.

34. Juan Nickford, Empty Nest, 1994, steel. Gift of Jene Nickford.

35. Lubomir Tomaszewski, Galloping Horse, n.d., stone and copper. Gift of Audrey Rosen.

36. Boaz Vaadia, Untitled, 1979, mixed media. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Wilens in memory of Sam Wilens.

37. Frank Riggs, Untitled, ca. 1970s, aluminum. Gift of Jerry S. Handler.

38. David Hayes, Untitled, ca. 1970, polychrome glazed ceramic. Gift of Audrey Rosen.

39. Herbert Kallem, Fourturg Chevron, 1974, stainless steel. Gift of Claire Nichtern.

40. Itzik Benshalom, Untitled, 1987, bronze. On loan from YIVO Institute for Jewish Research.

41. Robert Zeidman, Yellow Arrows, n.d., painted steel. Gift of the artist.

42. Robert Zeidman, Blue Illusions, n.d., painted steel. Gift of the artist.

43. Paul Noah Perces, Nuclear Family and Friends, n.d., painted steel. Gift of the artist.

44. Raymond Granville Barger, Life Line, 1966, steel. On loan from the Jewish Museum, New York.

45. Milo Lazarevic, Point of No Return, 1976, marble and chain with brass lock. Gift of Karen Sindin.

46. Drew Klotz, Pisces, 2008, aluminum, paint, PVC, bearings, stone. Purchase.

47. Herbert Kallem, Wall Design and Untitled, n.d., multi-part sculpture, wrought iron. Gift of Claire Nichtern.

This scuplture map is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.