Wanderland: Photographs by Leora Laor

On View June 8–July 25, 2008

Leora Laor, Untitled #115, 2002-2004, digital C-print, 18 x 24”

The work in Wanderland: Photographs by Leora Laor ruminates on a depiction of modern day society which is fuzzy, ambiguous, and transient, and on how human relationships function within its boundaries. The photographs capture the diverse, and oftentimes uncomfortable ways that the individual fits into the world, whether presented as a contemporary urban landscape or as fantastic, dreamlike environments created by the artist. Film and video stills which recall traditional portraiture convey an unexpected sense of disconnection: expressions which are obscured and blurred to the point of non-recognition or someone’s back turned to the camera all represent Laor’s sedate exploration into the human condition.

Leora Laor, Image of Light #42, 2005, digital C-print, 18 x 24”

In the aptly titled Image of Light series comprised of video stills, human figures appear against a background of glowing, lurid color, reducing each one to a darkened silhouette as the substantiality of the body disappears. The second group of photographs, shot in Jerusalem in the Orthodox neighborhood of Mea Shearim, possess a sense of agelessness with images of children who could have stepped directly out of the 19th century. The series captures the other-worldly sensation of a place that seems untouched by time, reveling in a type of nostalgia that borders on surreal.

Leora Laor, Happiness (“Osher,” Homage to Michael Gurevitch), 2005, digital C-print, 24 x 31”

Leora Laor is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts and the New School for Social Research where she studied under photographer Lisette Model.  In the 1980s, she worked and exhibited at the Oggi Domani Gallery, the only gallery in the East Village dedicated solely to photography at that time, and participated in pivotal photography exhibitions at Artists’ Space and P.S.1.  After a 20 year hiatus, she has returned to the world of fine art photography and is currently represented by Andrea Meislin Gallery, which has generously loaned all of the work for this exhibition.

Leora Laor, Untitled #128, 2002-2004, digital C-print, 18 x 24”

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